[Feature Request] Align closed tabs so that multiple tabs can be closed without adjusting cursor

  • Hey everyone, When browsing, I tend to have at least a dozen tabs open at once and regularly switch between them, and eventually, close a majority of them at once. In browsers like Chrome, this is easy because the tabs don't re-adjust their size until after the cursor has left the tab-region, meaning that when you click the "x" to close a tab, the next tab will fill the space of the recently closed tab and occupy the exact same space, allowing this second tab's "x" to line up with where the previous "x" was, allowing you to close it [and all others] by simply clicking the mouse button, without having to move the cursor. With Vivaldi now, after closing one tab, the other tabs instantly resize to fit the space, moving their "x", and making it just slightly more inconvenient to close multiple tabs. Of course I could use the tab-close shortcut, but when browsing and closing tabs, I tend to have them ordered in a way that makes it easier to just close via the "x" from a page I want to keep open.


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