Tab stacking?

  • Just downloaded the newest Vivaldi version -- (1.13.1008.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit) -- and noticed, again, the topic of "tab stacking." Since I currently have 24 tabs open, I decided maybe I should take a look at how that's done. In the past, I have accidentally placed two tabs together in the past, but would like to organize them by topic, if possible -- with a topic name I can see on the bar which contains the tabs. I noticed in the window panel, there is an icon that promises to explain "how to add a web panel" which I thought might be helpful. Unfortunately, clicking on it gave me at http error 404 -- can't be found. Maybe that wasn't even the right place to go to organize tabs, but I thought I would at least report it wasn't working.
    Larry Blake

  • @larryblake The Window Panel can be used to stack tabs, or you can use Stack by host from the tab context menu.


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