Closing a Tab Leaves a Gap Between Tabs

  • I can't always reproduce this issue, but sometimes when I have a large number of tabs open and I close one of the tabs in the middle, the tab will close, but it will leave a gap between the tabs that were to the left of it and the tabs that were to the right. That gap inbetween tabs will remain unclaimed by any new tabs I open or by closing tabs. Usually the only way to resolve this issue is by selecting all the tabs in than window and moving them to a new window.

  • known bug, workaround for now is to disable "use animations" in settings/appereance

  • I have that bug rarelly, but i got yesterday the same thing!

  • Moderator

    The bug is reproducible for some testers if they have many tabs open.
    We opend a bug VB-29560 "Tabs do not rearrange"


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