Vivaldi Installations disappearing?

  • Why on Earth do all my Vivaldi installations simply stop accessing as if they're deleted when I click on the icon in my windows start menu? This doesn't happen straight away but after a while there is no way to access Vivaldi.

  • If this is the same problem I experience, then the remedy is to close Vivaldi with the RED "X" in the upper far right corner.

    Then you need to go into Process Explorer or Task Manager or some program where you can kill all of the Vivaldi processes.

    At that point, if it is the same problem I have been having, Vivaldi will then be able to start fresh. Apparently it is some web site that causes Vivaldi to lock or crash. I am unable to just restart Vivaldi at that point because all of its processes are still open or running.

    Also, if I just want to close Vivaldi without rebooting my computer, then I use the Vivaldi Menu button, access File and Exit through that button. Then when I want to restart Vivaldi, I start it in the normal way without having to worry about any open processes.

  • No its nothing like that. The installation is completely dead as if removed/uninstalled even from fresh boot, it is very poor and unreliable

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