Why don't I use Vivaldi more often ?

  • I use Vivaldi on the office laptop and it's getting better all the time although at work I don't use a browser much.

    For personal use I still use Avant most of the time. Why don't I use Vivaldi more ?
    There are some things which I find very irritating and slow me down. Here are a few ...
    (I have the Bookmarks panel open most of the time)

    a) the Bookmarks and folders don't always open when I click on them - they are too slow to react to a click and often offer to let me rename them instead ...

    b) Bookmarks take up far too much space - too wide and too tall - I dont need triangles and I don't need the "Imported From IE" folder

    c) Bookmark text is too wishy washy (faded) d) Bookmarks don't show or don't keep the website icons which make it easier to spot what I'm looking for and more attrctive e) (I use the separate search bar) I often search for something then want to amend the search - if I click into the search bar it merely highlights the words but won't allow me to type what I want or where I want ... I have to use the arrow key first ... then I can click again and type what I want where I want (is this by design ?? maybe I'm missing something ...)

    f) Avant has it's own place to store Favourites, but it has an option to use IE favourites - so they are shared. Very simple. I can use what I like. Also, it means that when I re-import Favourites from Avant (which are in the IE location), I lose my Vivaldi Nicknames ...

    There are plenty of good things in Vivaldi, but still too many blockers for me to use it full time.

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