Please Help Me with Modding Vivaldi

  • Hey fellas,
    I was hoping someone would be willing to help me come up with these modifications to Vivaldi on Mac (if it's even possible):

    1. I want to the browser to allow me to type in the address bar immediately after I hit CMD+T (similar to how it is in Chrome). Right now, it doesn't autoselect the address bar field for me to type in.

    2. Is it possible to have an icon that I can click and have show my enabled extensions that I have "hidden?" Something like this from Chrome: Image.

    3. I posted this yesterday in a different section, but I think maybe it would have been better posted here:
      I was wondering if it is possible to get Vivaldi to work with Magnet for Mac without the title bar from having Native Window enabled. Magnet is a popular window snapping/arrangement application for Mac. It works with Use Native Window enabled (under Vivaldi--> Preference--> Appearance), but the title bar is bothering me (as someone with OCD). Is it possible to have Native Window mode enabled, but have the title bar removed somehow? This is what I want to be removed: Image

    Thanks! 🙂

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    1. Go to settings, search for "Focus page content" and turn that off
    2. This might be a mod that fits your needs:
    3. I don't use a mac, so can't help you here.

  • For your third point: You could try and use native window, hide the top bar and move the window buttons down, similar to what's been done here:
    You just move the window buttons to the tab-bar instead of the address bar.

  • RE: #2

    You could use an extension like this one

  • Thank you guys so much for your help! #1 from @LonM worked great! I'll try the #2 and #3 mods out asap, as well as that extension @sjudenim (it looks perfect and may actually be much better than what I was even looking for) 🙂

    Edit: I decided to go with the extension option @sjudenim suggested (for simplicity sake). @luetage Would that hide/remove this bar (so I don't have to see it) :

    Thanks again guys

  • I've tried it out @luetage but haven't had any luck. I'm probably doing something wrong though since it's not adjusting the native bar at all.

  • That's possible. The other code isn't for the native window. You either have to adjust it accordingly, or it isn't possible at all. You won't know until you try. But you gotta inspect the UI first.

  • @luetage Ahh okay thanks! I'll keep trying. I was just hoping for a way to use Magnet (or any window snapping application for Mac for that matter) with Vivaldi. Currently, it only will snap to the sides of the screen in native mode, but maybe there is a way to do it in non-native mode?

  • It appears BetterSnapTool works fine in non-native mode! Thanks everyone for all your assistance 🙂 So happy with my new browser customizations!

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