Drag & Drop Crash

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    Tried to hilite, drag & drop text in a textbox in this forum, and BAM! Instant hard crash. Win 8.1 X64, running 32-bit Vivaldi.

  • I can't reproduce this crash (x64 bulid @ Win 10)

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    I can't reproduce this crash (x64 bulid @ Win 10)

    Well, Let's try it again…

    OK - this time it didn't crash. It simply refused to move the text. It highlights it, moves the cursor to where I want to move the text, moves a "phantom" of the text to the new location, but on "drop," does nothing.

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    Something's borked with my clipboard function, but ONLY IN VIVALDI. First, drag & drop in a text box crashed the browser. Then I couldn't get Ctrl+Shift+V to function as paste&go in the address bar. And now with a little experimenting, I'm finding that sometimes it's only pasting the item I copied just PRIOR to the current item. I don't get this behavior anywhere else.

    I thought at first Auto Copy extension (which I use to get unformatted copy of text) might be messing with it, but I disabled it and restarted the browser and nothing changed. I don't know what's up.

  • i have the same problem
    windows 8.1 x64 and vivaldi snapshot x64 (enabled flash addon and imgur, lastpass, ublock origin extensions)

    select and drag & drop any text in any form (include address bar) and instantly crash. needed to manually force close all vivaldi processes from task manager

    i reported here https://vivaldi.com/lib/bugreport.php

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