View Page Info? I can't find it. (New to Chrome and chromium)

  • I am using Vivaldi a lot now, though FF 45 is still my main browser; FF was my browser since Netscape died (I was a kid). I'm afraid I just assumed all browsers had "Page Info". I've looked in Dev Tools, but can't find a thing. In FF, "Page Info" is my most used AIOS (FF add-on), mainly because fewer clicks, but I didn't realize how much I used it until I started using Vivaldi more. I used it constantly.

    Am I missing something basic? (Never used Chrome; Vivaldi is first toe-dip into chromium).

    Or is there an extension in Chrome Store? (Yes I'm that desperate). Just one nice little side panel button "page info" would make my life SO much easier. Thanks!

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    It was on earlier Feature Request threads. I have just added it to the latest one.

    @pesala said in Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14:

    Page Information Panel

    I think you will need to search for a suitable extension in the Chrome store for now.

  • @pesala Oh thank you. I've been triple-checking settings and "tips pages" and everything to find Page Info before posting the question.

    I couldn't find an extension in Chrome store, but will keep looking there, too. Thanks again: you've saved me lots of trouble!

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    @trebuchette If you vote for the feature request it might help to make it come sooner.

    We now have a Windows Panel, but we also need a Links panel, and someone asked for a Search Panel too.


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