Vivaldi & Magnet for Mac

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if it is possible to get Vivaldi to work with Magnet for Mac without the title bar from having Native Window enabled. Magnet is a popular window snapping/arrangement application for Mac. It works with Use Native Window enabled (under Vivaldi--> Preference--> Appearance), but the title bar is bothering me (as someone with OCD). Is it possible to have Native Window mode enabled, but have the title bar removed somehow? This is what I want to be removed: Image
    (The bar that says Appearance settings). I've searched online quite a bit, but haven't found anything that works. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Dear Vivaldi devs,
    I'm not sure if you are aware, Magnet is #1 Productivity app in the Mac App Store for a while now. And your browser doesn't like it.

    Opera got it working BTW.


    Ping me when this is fixed please.


  • It WORKS ! ☺ Thank you Vivaldi!!!

  • Moderator

    @baitalmal Which Vivaldi version solved it for you?


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