My Vivaldi account is marked "locked" when trying to recover password

  • Today I started getting followup messages from this forum, as if I had subscribed to some thread in it -- though to my knowledge I have never visited it previously. I was advised in those emails that I could unsubscribe from this forum by logging in and clicking "Unsubscribe." I didn't know I had an account, but I used the Forget Password function to attempt to recover this apparent account and login so that I could kill all these unwanted messages. Then I was told by the Forgot Password function that the account in question is "locked." So, in other words, I'm getting messages I don't want and have no way to stop them at the source. I looked -- with no success -- for a way to contact an actual sysadmin and get this resolved manually. The result was that I was forced to create this further (unwanted) Vivaldi Forum account, so that I could come here, to waste everyone's time, to see if there's some possible way to stop those message then completely delete that apparent other account (which I didn't know that I had), or at least let me log into it so I can delete it myself. Any sysadmins want to help a guy out?

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, dfrossar,
    Sorry about the problem you are having.
    I can help you with this.

    If you never created an account here but receive notification, only logical explanation I can think of is that someone else used your email address to set up an account.
    Anyhow, can you send me the user name of the other account and email address associated with it via Private message please? We can see what's going on.

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