Web panel bug (with Ghostery)

  • Sites that never had any problems are having them constantly now in the web panel. Workflowy and TickTick to name a couple. Workflowy won't get past the login screen, just shows a splash screen, and TickTick redirects constantly after signing in.

    Also sites are dumping their sessions sometimes multiple times a day. Stuff has a hard time staying signed in.

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    Please tell me:
    Which Vivaldi version?
    Which Windows version?
    Which URLs?

  • @gwen-dragon
    Windows 10 1607

    Disabling the Ghostery extension fixed everything I've found so far.

  • @omen_20 said in Web panel bug (with Ghostery):

    Disabling the Ghostery extension fixed everything I've found so far.

    Ghostery sniffs out and blocks JavaScript trackers and beacons embedded in web pages. If the sign-ins employ or redirect to other sites that employ such elements, then Ghostery has the potential for blocking something that a site operator's code demands be present before allowing log-in. When a tracker/beacon is blocked, the related cookie is blocked from being set. Changes to site code or to Ghostery's script library can cause changes to what sites will work or not at some given time. FWIW, you can set a site to be white-listed (trusted) in Ghostery, which stops Ghostery's blocking actions for that site.

  • @blackbird Another nice helpful informative post; i really learn a lot from you 🙂

    Just as a general fyi, Ghostery recently introduced another new version, & for me at least, this has been creating hassles on sites that it never used to. Particularly annoying to me is the Manjaro Forum page, which prior to the G update behaved fine, but since the update tends to frequently log me out... at least, it pretends like i'm logged out, & pretends that all login attempts fail. G's whitelisting has not helped. The ugly workaround i discovered is to go to V's Extensions [now conveniently in a WP], disable G, refresh the Manjaro page which then immediately "sees" me again & correctly shows me as being still/already logged in, thence i can reenable G, after which all is well... til the next cycle; rinse & repeat. As a consequence, i find myself now bouncing back & fwds between Ghostery & Privacy Badger, lasting as long as i can tolerate each one's idiosyncrasies no further, so disable that & reenable t'other. As far as i can tell, V seems just an innocent party in all these shenanigans.


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