Question about chrome-schemes in Vivaldi

  • I would like to understand the logic of the chrome-schemes in Vivaldi.

    In my opinion, chrome:// is the scheme which is directed at the browser itself and the name is not based on the browser Chrome, but on chrome plating [1]. Because Vivaldi has parallel access to Chromium's internals and its own, the Vivaldi scheme vivaldi:// differs. By the way, I think that's a good technical solution and a nice pun.

    What I can't figure out:
    For example, if I enter the URL chrome://settings, the settings page of Chromium opens. Although there is no redirect to the settings page of Vivaldi, the address in URL bar is changed to vivaldi://settings. Why this, when the schemes chrome:// and vivaldi:// are technically clearly differentiated?
    (As a bookmark, it's chrome://settings again.)

  • Moderator

    Not all internal chromium pages are ported to Vivaldi settings page.
    The change if the scheme from chrome to vivaldi is a known unfixed UI bug.

  • Thanks Gwen-Dragon.
    Now I know that it's a bug and my logical order is back in harmony 🙂


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