Focusing on Different Elements

  • Hi guys!

    I've been using Vivaldi for a month now and I'm deeply in love with it, such a versatile browser. It incites the user to go out and look for every tweak they can do to improve experience.

    One point I've come across with is how Vivaldi has difficulty in focusing in a different element on screen: I'm trying to make myself used to pressing F3 to access the search in page, instead of using the better-known Ctrl+F. When doing this for the first time and focusing on the page after searching what I wanted to with F9, it seems the only way I'm able to focus again on the search in page is by pressing Ctrl+F, F3 does not give any response in this case.

    Are you guys experiencing the same issue or is it a setting I have missed during setup to make it work?

  • Moderator

    @mepqfilho F3 = Search Next, not search page, and Shift+F3 = Search Previous. Escape can be used to close the find in page toolbar. You can assign your preferred shortcuts in Settings, Keyboard.

  • Cheers, I knew it was more likely to be something I was missing!


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