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    This category is reserved for discussion of Vivaldi's WebMail service.

  • The subforum Vivaldi Webmail isn't visible from the Vivaldi Community (as I'm writing this).

    edit: seems like this thread is in the general area of vivaldi community. Did you intend to write thread instead of category? It's confusing, because a category isn't a subforum, and this is a thread ^^

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    @luetage I don't seem to have the ability to create a subforum. I'll have to take it up with one of the community managers.

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    I have a problem with webmail today, where should I post the question?

    alt text

    I keep received notification that product license is invalid. It happens either I entered correct or wrong password.

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    @sandalian Here is fine. It's a known bug. It's being worked on. But the webmail software has an issue with new users at present, so Please try That should work.

  • @ayespy Pardon me for posting this as a 'reply', but I can't see a way of creating a new post.
    I wish to ask - I want to scrap my Vivaldi email address and create a new one. How can I do this?

  • @mudskipper You gotta create a new vivaldi account for this, since email is linked with it. If you want to delete your current one, you will have to contact support.

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