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    This category is reserved for discussion of Vivaldi's WebMail service.

  • The subforum Vivaldi Webmail isn't visible from the Vivaldi Community (as I'm writing this).

    edit: seems like this thread is in the general area of vivaldi community. Did you intend to write thread instead of category? It's confusing, because a category isn't a subforum, and this is a thread ^^

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    @luetage I don't seem to have the ability to create a subforum. I'll have to take it up with one of the community managers.

  • I have a problem with webmail today, where should I post the question?

    alt text

    I keep received notification that product license is invalid. It happens either I entered correct or wrong password.

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    @sandalian Here is fine. It's a known bug. It's being worked on. But the webmail software has an issue with new users at present, so Please try That should work.

  • @ayespy Pardon me for posting this as a 'reply', but I can't see a way of creating a new post.
    I wish to ask - I want to scrap my Vivaldi email address and create a new one. How can I do this?

  • @mudskipper You gotta create a new vivaldi account for this, since email is linked with it. If you want to delete your current one, you will have to contact support.

  • is there a way to control spam in webmail, there is a lot in my mailbox.

    since day one a lot of spam, but as im using more webmail account starting to be a lot more annoying, do you have also lots of spam?

  • I am having troubles with the vivaldi calendar. I set a event but now I can't delete it (neither update information) and I am receiving a mail remainder every 5 minutes. When I try to delete it a error message appears in the top saying "Unable to update event."

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    @sergi0 Please feel free to file a bug report. Calendar is under daily active development right now, and any feed back the team gets will help to steer things in the right direction.

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    @zikkeratak said in Vivaldi WebMail.:

    is there a way to control spam in webmail, there is a lot in my mailbox.

    Do not delete the Spam, move it into webmail folder Spam. The spam server learns for your account only from content of Spam folder mails.

  • I am trying to open a second account at There is no rule against this, is there?

    An attempt using the same password-recovery email as this account was rejected, so I tried a different one. I get green checkmarks next to the username and email, and successfully fill in the rest of the fields. When I click Register I get the message
    "Failed to register the user. 17002 Credential not valid. Credential must be non null for the user: [my new user name]"

    Can someone advise how to proceed? I have tried this at and has no "register" button.

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    @wognath Please Send a message to Vivaldi. I think this may be related to a bug on the server, which is being worked on.

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    @mudskipper Use the blue Reply link to reply to a post; use the green Reply button to reply to the thread.

  • @ayespy Done, thanks for instant reply!

  • Hi there,

    I just registered for Vivaldi and logged in to the Webmail interface.
    Unfotunately it looks like I cannot receive mails...! I can write and send them though.

    Anyone got an idea why this is the case?


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    @pepex I pinged our Community Manager @jane-n She will contact you.

  • @pepex said in Vivaldi WebMail.:

    Hi there,

    I just registered for Vivaldi and logged in to the Webmail interface.
    Unfotunately it looks like I cannot receive mails...! I can write and send them though.

    Anyone got an idea why this is the case?


    Forget it. Just took quite a while to pop up...

  • I like the last update. More customizable. But still, I can't find some must-have features:

    1. Mail filters. The way how proper Filters feature should work, I've described here. I think, it's just the first thing that comes into mind when you look at Filters feature, don't know why so many mail services providing Filters feature doesn't provide it in the way it's really useful. But, since Vivaldi does what user really needs instead of trying to cheat him with pseudo user-friendly features...

    2. Keyboard. First, I didn't easily realize I can select messages with Ctrl + Click, so there is actual need in hotkeys list somewhere. Second, keyboard guys would love you indefinitely if you allow them to assign their own hotkeys for any action.

    3. Custom marks for mail with custom actions. Create mark, assign one action or a chain of actions and use it for automating your activity.

    4. Spam lists:

    • Global List
      The one Vivaldi Webmail and other services provide by default. For user to see how it works.
    • Maybe-Spam Algorithm
      The one Vivaldi Webmail provides by default - without user filters. For example, some algorithms check for agressive punctuation, manipulative verbs, recipients count and so on. For the same reason - it should be predictable for user.
    • Local Lists
      User's black/white lists with highest priority. (If user wants to "whitelist" some spam from Global List, it's his right to decide his intentions and manage his security, right?)
    1. Data for server connection from mail client in the service, not in the forum. (I don't really understand what it is, but it's called IMAP/POP3. I didn't find it in the service and I wanted to find mail connection data in the mail service and not in some other place, as any other user would.)

    2. Ability to rename, move, nest standard folders as any custom folder. If real names are so important for standard folders, why I can't change "fake" names you use for these folders anyway, then? Why I can't reorder and organize their nesting structure as I like, since it's my folders?

    3. Interface customization. Ability to reorder toolbar buttons, add custom buttons with standard actions (actions from dropdowns - like "Mark Read" - included), delete dropdowns for some buttons (make them simple buttons) and create custom dropdowns for any button, create buttons for custom marks from 3rd request.

    4. At least one completely dark theme, please 🙂

    5. Total mail count for each folder.

    6. "Messages management isn't clear" problem is fixed now, but visually user can't differ chosen letters from opened, so it's still difficult to manage mail.

    7. "Later" button. A short time ago "Archive" button didn't exist and now it's in most popular mail services. "Later" button will be useful, too.

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    @maniastern The used software for webmail is RoundCube.
    Please check at RoundCube page if there is a version with new features which suits you and then request a update for vivaldinet


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