Vivaldi logs out of the websites

  • On most of the websites where I login I am logged off after some time (for example after 2 days), especially on those I visit less frequently. It happens also on sites with auto-login option enabled. It's very irritating.
    Reinstalling browser and clearing cookies doesn't help.
    The problem has occurred for at least six months, on every snapshot. Reported by VB-29481, VB-34888.
    Win 7, V 1.14.1042.3

  • are you logged off WHILE you browse on those sites? Or simply the site asks you for user/pass when you go there after some time? because that's normal for many forum/sites, the session expires after some time, which is set on the cookies left by those sites, hardly a vivaldi problem.
    Also, autocomplete of user/pass for me work on sites I don't visit everyday, so I just have to press login on that site with fields already filled.

  • I'm getting signed out of sites quite a bit as well. Seems like Vivaldi is dumping sessions sooner than it should. Wasn't an issue until recently.

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