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    Enter the Vivaldi community competition to win a trip to Oslo and meet our team!

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    Here I use Tab Tiling to display (from left to right) my maths homework, the LaTeX file and my maths book. This way I can see everything at a glance, whereas I had to switch tabs in any other browser. It truly, greatly improves my workflow.

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    Traduction FR ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท de cette news sur, enjoy et good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  • Whoa.Good luck to all who will join on that event! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • haha

  • @admm: Please wait before posting so soon

  • When i have to design websites for work, school or just for fun i choose Vivaldi because of its unmatched design, speed and multiple functions.

    alt text

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  • Everything I do now is controlled with mouse gestures and keyboard commands thanks to Vivaldi. With that and Tab scrolling with the mouse wheel, I am unstoppable.

  • Viva
    Vivaldi !
    Hannover > Oslo mit dem Flugzeug ?
    Ich, fortgeschrittenes Alter, wรผrde "HitchHiking" vorziehen.
    Viva !
    Dem gesamten Vivaldi-Team wรผnsche ich eine bunte kommerzfreie, menschennahe Zeit !
    Danke !

  • I really enjoying using Vivaldi browser and it is the only browser I use, because it fulfills all my needs and it is not frustrating like the other browsers. I want to thank you for all the work that all of you do to make it so good!!! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that the New Year is very prosperous for you all!!

  • I love the speed at which the browser work I went from Chrome to Vivaldi on all my PC even my work PC. The note taking app and the window function are great adds -on. Thank you very much for a great job. Happy holidays to the team!

  • We have the luck of living in the time of the commercial space race. Once again humanity is shooting for the moon and beyond (i.e. Mars).

    With a launch cadence of about once every other week, SpaceX broadcasts these events live on the web and even mounts cameras directly on the stages which can be followed during both launch and landing.

    During a launch party there are many sources of interest to follow and each of them provides different footage and information. For example, last launch (at the time of writing this was CRS-13, the 13th Cargo Resupply Mission to the ISS by SpaceX), I wanted to follow:

    • Two SpaceX webcasts (hosted and technical)
    • Hosted stream by Tim Dodd, the everyday astronaut.
    • NASA live stream
    • Stream of the CRS-13 launch thread on

    With the tiling features of Vivaldi, multiple sources can be seamlessly integrated to easily follow them simultaneously. Below are some pictures.



    Vivaldi helps me to bring space into my livingroom.

  • Vivaldi is my browser of choice since the old Opera 12 had been abandoned. I will not talk here about the many things Vivaldi is doing great, after all because of these great features I chose this browser over all the others. Instead I will talk about the ways I customized it to meet the one feature I can't live without:

    Dark pages instead of white! Because white pages hurt my eyes so bad! I will never use a browser that cannot change the white background to something less offensive.

    Right now, the only Chrome extension I found able to do this with a certain degree of flexibility is Stylish. On it I loaded a style called "Solarized Dark Modified Colors" that I modified once again to meet my needs.
    I am well aware that the vast majority of webpages are built with a white background in mind and once this white is replaced with something dark, certain elements become hard to read, but even so, for me the dark background is essential. I believe I am not alone.

    Why not integrate a feature in Vivaldi to interfere with the way the webpages are displayed? The "Themes" feature in Vivaldi is great, but why stop at the borders of the browser? What if you will implement something like Stylish, giving users the choice to set their own background color, text color, unvisited links, visited links, title and perhaps some other webpages elements colors? Then give users a quick way to switch between these Themes, in case some elements of webpages become hard to read.

    Here are some screenshots of the way I prefer to see the web with Vivaldi:


    You did an awesome job with Vivaldi and I hope to see it become the ultimate web browser!

    Tyr Antilles

  • It is simple as this: Vivaldi patches all the holes in Chrome, Firefox (let's not even mention Edge, oops) and does it efficiently!

    I had audio problems in Chrome ... none in Vivaldi.
    I had video problems in Firefox ... none in Vivaldi.
    I couldn't stand the Edge GUI ... intuitive in Vivaldi.

    I am a computer consultant (but mainframe), I understand a great GUI & great performance.

    Vivaldi is has both.

  • As several people here, I used to be a die-hard Opera fan, until they became Chromium-based. As a power user, I never managed to adapt well to the scarce customisation options and very few features (apart from those added by extensions) of the typical browsers that go around. So when I found out about Vivaldi I grew excited, and when after a few updates it became clear that the developers were doing an excellent job in adding power-user features, I became a huge fan (and evangelist ;-)). With every update, niftier things are added and my UX becomes better and better! ๐Ÿ™‚

    What I personally appreciate the most, are the recently introduced Window Manager and the Tab Stacking features. As a Proyect and Development manager, I have to keep track of numerous Jira tickets and thanks to those two features, I can organize my tickets by customers and easily get around among my >30 open tabs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Other much appreciated features are the tab tiling, mouse gestures and the synchronization features (finally! :-)).

    Keep up the good work and thanks for your tireless efforts so far!

  • I've left my entry here:

    The big takeaway is that everything is great, but the history is epic!

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  • TABS, ALL THE TABS, ENOUGH TABS TO TAKE UP 12GB OF RAM, TABS (my personal record is 98, this screenshot has 58) TABS TABS TABS TABS TABS TABS!


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