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  • I haven't been able to find this anywhere else. When a private window is selected it always opens minimized. Is this a bug? (Is 'minimized' the small window or on the toolbar? Anyway, I mean the small window.)

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    @michael100 "Minimized" is on taskbar. Small window is "restored-down." I don't see the problem here, on Windows. Some work is being done on the code to ensure the proper state is respected on browser start, on new windows, and on private windows. But for me right now, if my original window is maximized, an new private window opens in that same state. What is your platform?

  • @ayespy Thanks ayespy. I couldn't think of the word. (old age! Sometimes I can't remember my name.) Selecting a private window opens a window "restored-down". Seems like a bug to me.

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    @michael100 Please take a look at my edited comment above yours (I edited while you were responding). What is your platform and Vivaldi version?

  • Windows 10. I've just reconfirmed. Private window always opens restored down. It has been the same at least since 113. I can't remember for sure on 112.

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    @michael100 Interesting. That is how private windows always used to open for me, but now they open the same size as the main window. Do you use any window- or tab- related extensions?

  • @ayespy I just disabled all my extensions and it didn't solve the problem. When I stopped and restarted Vivaldi to make sure that the extensions were truly not enabled, I had left a Private Window open and just X'd off the primary window. When I right clicked on the toolbar icon and clicked on 'New window' (regular one) the new window opened restored down! I thought "Oh no, what have I done now?" I then closed everything down and selected in turn from the toolbar icon right click:
    New Window - opens maximized
    New incognito window - opens maximized
    Vivaldi - opens maximized
    I then went to:
    File/New Window - opens restored down
    File/New Private Window - opens restored down (why is it called 'private' in one place and 'incognito' in another?
    I used my mouse gesture for new private window - opened restored down.
    I think that covers just about every situation. The problem seems to be in the File/... selection.

  • @ayespy Another interesting thing - When I have a normal window open and select from the right click menu on the task bar icon, a new private window opens with all the same tabs as are currently in the normal window. If I select from the File menu, the new private window opens with the home page - which is what I want - but restored down. Of course one of them is called 'private' and one is called 'incognito'. Different actions for different names? 🙂

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    @michael100 Would you be willing to try this experimentally with a fresh profile?

  • @ayespy I think I would. What would I lose from the current profile? How do I start a new profile. Can I back up the current one some way?

    ok - I just saw your link. I'll give it a try.

  • Just rename current profile directory, vivaldi restarting will create a new dir.
    On worst case, close vivaldi and rename back the renamed old dir, everything will be back.

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    @michael100 What is it with people not being able to identify links on this forum lately?

    I wonder why the text is clearly identifiable as a link on my screen, yet people clearly don't see that it is one on their screens? I mean it's bolded, it's underlined, it's green... I fear some displays do not render this properly.

    The last two words in my latest question are a link. Hover and click. It gives clear directions how to back up and refresh the profile, and you will lose some settings but no important data at all. In fact, you can even put the old profile back intact if a fresh one doesn't help.

    As mentioned by iAN CooG, the first step is, with Vivaldi closed, to locate and rename your existing profile so that nothing is lost. When you do that, Vivaldi creates a new one the instant you open it again. As to where and how to find it, and what to do next, please see the instructions I linked you to.

  • @ayespy Sorry, I DID see your link but my eye just skimmed over it. After I posted my last I re-read your post and saw it. My fault - sorry.

    OK - I created a new Default folder but it did not solve the problem. All click results are as I posted earlier. I have now gone back to my old Default folder with no change.

    It's not the end of the world. I guess I can live with it. I thought it might be a bug.

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    @michael100 There are a couple of bugs concerning window size and placement, that are being worked on. Don't know what the outcome will be. I'm glad you could see my link, but in the last three days, at least one person per day has not noticed them, and I even saw one user comment to another that the link he posted (same format as mine) was "very hard to identify as a link." I began to think the forum software was not showing links clearly to everyone.

    Please, if you would be so kind, file a bug report on the behavior you've witnessed in this regard - INCLUDING the bit about private window from task bar duplicating the tabs or pinned tabs (when I tested it, it only picked up the pinned tabs) of the already-open window. I think the developers should have this info.

    Oh, yeah - and the reason it says "private" in the browser and "incognito" on the address bar is because Chromium, the engine we use, has the "incognito" term embedded in its code. Don't know how easy it will be for the developers to change how the UI reads that out of the engine.

  • 1.14 has solved my problem! Nice.

  • Aha!! I think I have found the problem re private windows opening "restored down" and the seeming randomness of it. Opening a private window from 'file' in the menu bar or with a mouse gesture mimics the state of the main (non-private) window. Main window restored down - private window opens restored down. Main window full sized - private window full sized. (You're welcome 🙂 )


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