Tab bar indicator during fullscreen video - option to turn off

  • Please please provide an option to turn off the tab bar indicator during video play in full screen, it's extremely annoying, no to mention mostly useless.

    If it was black it would be less of an issue but as it is it drives me mad, I literally cannot watch videos anymore on Vivaldi because of this issue.

    I wish this would be implemented for full screen browsing, where it would actually make sense. Not that there's any reason to keep that annoying white line as a visual indicator for the collapsible tab bar. I understand that it helps in informing the user that something is going on there but please let us have a toggle option.

    In the meantime I'm switching back to 1.2x, i can't keep using a secondary browser just for video playing.

  • Moderator

    Do you have a special monitor or graphics card? When does this happen? Where?

    I do not get this with 1.13 Stable or 1.14 Snapshot with Vivaldi fullscreen (F11) or YT fullscreen mode.

  • No, I have a regular 1080p monitor and a regular 1060 graphics card.

    This is a new feature which lets you view a drop-down tab bar on rollover at the top of the screen when you have a video in full screen (not the browser in full screen mind you). I'm attaching another image to be extra clear, with a grey background so that the white line at the top is visible ("screen 1"). "screen 2" is with the tab bar activated by moving the cursor in the superior side of the screen (over or near the white line).


    LE: The line appears grey in the image above because of the resizing. It's white or near white, as you can see if you click on the pic to see the larger size.


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