Mod: simplified address bar & visual window panel

  • Hi, I've made some tweaks to the browser according to my own preference. Bash scripts are copied from the pinned threads in this section. Features include

    • Hide address bar by default, shows when focused or by moving the cursor to the top of the browser.
    • Moved tab bar to the window panel, it is recommended to set tab bar position to the same position as the panel.
    • (Linux) Merged menu icon with panel when native window is enabled.

    Currently there're no settings available but I'm planning to add a settings dialog in the future. However, this mod relies on the structure of the tab bar which has changed several times in the past, so it is not guaranteed to work when Vivaldi is updated. Use it at your own risk.

    Please comment below if you have any suggestions or feature requests.


    Linux: sudo ./patch-linux
    Mac: ./patch-osx
    Windows: Follow this thread

    alt text

  • Moderator

    This mod looks really nice.
    Some notes:

    • The drop-down address bar looks like it would mesh well with the browser in fullscreen. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this is even possible to do right now.
    • You might want to add an instruction that "Show Tab Thumbnails" must be enabled in order for the tabs to show up in the sidebar
    • Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug that can crash the browser dom if you enable full-screen with the window panels open. Though that might be due to a snapshot issue or some other mod on my end.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing!!! 👍
    This is the perfect setup for a small screen device like a nettop!! 🙂

  • When I install this mod with bat file mentioned in installation in Windows, but I get this error. I don't know JS or CSS, what is wrong with the installation? I changed the path of modded folder and vivaldi folder.


  • @batu I have no idea what the error says, but clearly something is wrong with your implementation of the script. No UI at all only happens if you have a major mistake in there. Since I tried OPs code and it worked, the error is clearly on your side. Try to implement it without the help of any batch files first. If it works, you can go on and automate it.

  • @luetage I tried again, copied .json, custom.css and custom.js files to "versionNo > resources > vivaldi" and removed browser.html (because after running the script, browser file was becoming backupfile in same folder). But same error happened. It says file could not be found, it could be deleted or moved.

  • @batu Well that's wrong, never delete browser.html. I have no idea what json file you are copying, but it has no place in your Vivaldi directory. And the custom.css and custom.js files don't belong in the same directory. Your best bet is to install Vivaldi anew and to follow the directions from this thread
    to the letter.

    Installing Vivaldi anew will not delete any of your preferences/bookmarks/etc., these files are stored outside the application folder. It just ensures that your Vivaldi application is untouched and in working order.

  • Hey, I have installed everything and its all working except I can't figure out how to show the search bar… Any help? Thanks!

  • @lewysg Search is disabled in this mod on purpose. But you can tweak the css and take the line out that does this. Don't think it will look good though.

  • @luetage That is not what I meant… I meant i can't get the pop up in the screenshot, like the bubble overlay

  • @lewysg Yeah, that's a different problem. But hard to tell what's going wrong for you.

  • @luetage on custom.js I get the 3 errors:

    • "Use the function form of 'use strict'." Line 1: 'use strict' ;
    • 'requestIdleCallback' was used before it was defined.
      Line 2: requestIdleCallback(() => {
    • Expected an identifier and instead saw ')'. Line 2: requestIdleCallback(() => {

    Is this any help? Thanks

  • @lewysg I just tried the mod again and I get none of these errors in console. You probably didn't copy/paste correctly, or made other changes to the code.

  • Moderator

    @lewysg it's difficult to diagnose this over text but it sounds like one of 2 possibilities:

    • a slight error in copying the mod during installation (the file got truncated or corrupted)
    • multiple mods conflicting with each other

  • @lonm well if those two are correct it is the first one because i dont have any other mods

    @luetage I used the patch-osx file, but I will delete the mod and try again?

  • Just an update: Deleting and trying to reinstall hasn't worked so I have decided to give up

  • @lewysg The mod wasn't written for osx, I found several inconsistencies while running it and it would need a serious look to to make this work as intended. But as said, it doesn't throw any errors if installed normally. I wouldn't use the automatic patch to be honest, just install the css and js files like described in this post –––>

  • @luetage ok thanks!

  • Which part of the code is making the menu button part of the native window? 'Cause that's the only part I need.

  • @widget 新版vivaldi无法使用这个方法了,可否继续更新一下呢?

    Mod Edit: Please provide a translation if posting in the English forum.

    The new version of Vivaldi can not use this method, can you continue to update it?


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