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  • Apologies if there's a FAQ, I'm a Vivaldi newbie and could not find any reasonable discussion on the interweb...

    I have dabbled with Vivaldi on MBP (High Sierra now) and Windows and, whilst there wasn't anything wrong there was, for me, nothing compelling. Why I use Chrome (not Safari), it supports inline images and has FavIcons. Safari supports neither. I like Chrome because it follows the Apple saying of it just works. My biggest issue with Chrome is that, because I like to keep a lot of tabs open, it is a memory hog to the point of killing a 16Gb system (yes I do have one or two VMs up, but a browser shouldn't kill the remaining 8Gb or so of memory).

    I have seen nothing on the memory usage of vivaldi, but my cursory assessment (looking at say at 20 tabs open) is that it is way better than Chrome. Can someone point me to some advice with regard to Vivaldi memory usage (compared with say Chrome/Firefox)? I would be happy to switch if Vivaldi took significantly less memory, that to me would be a compelling argument in it's favour.

    (and while you're at it, can anyone tell me how to round off those square tabs?)


  • To be honest, I can't imagine that Vivaldi uses significantly less memory. But from the menu go to tools and task manager and check for yourself -- it's all listed there. Tabs consume a lot of memory. You can hibernate background tabs, however.

    In vivaldi://settings/themes/ after pressing the pen/edit icon you can access a slider for corner rounding. This will, among others, round the top corners of tabs.

  • Thanks, didn't realise that Vivaldi had it's own Task Manager instance. With only half a dozen tabs active there is a 6Gb overhead. For the tabs I have open it looks like most of the tabs are hibernating, ie. not showing up in task manager. That in and of itself is good. I think with Chrome I once used the Great Suspender and looking through the internet, for Vivaldi it's the great Discarder all of which makes sense.

    Thanks for the round the corners advice too.


  • Try to remove / disable as many extensions as you can - on my setup (iMac) it uses between 4 - 6 GB with 4 pinned tabs right after startup.

    Doesn't matter as I got enough RAM (32 G 🙂 ) - but I see that every extension takes roughly 200-250 MB (18 active ext's...)


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