External links opening in random windows when multiple are open

  • I sometimes have two Vivaldi windows open, and when I click on links from external programs, they'll often open in random windows (eg. if I click 3 links in an e-mail, always switching back to the mail after clicking link, two will be opened in one Vivaldi window, and one in another). I'm currently using 1.14.1042.3, but it's been happening for a while.

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    I can confirm this, it is a old nasty bug.
    VB-10933 "Wrong window activated when loading external url"

    And very ugly feeling if you use virtual desktops, results sometimes in switching desktop.

  • This wasn't happening in the last few versions, but seems to be a regression in 1.14.1042.3

  • @gwen-dragon

    I have another steps for reproducing the bug

    1. open two or more windows of vivaldi
    2. minimize one window into taskbar and stay the other one on desktop in the state of active
    3. open links from external programs

    When I do the steps above, the links are opened in one window of vivaldi, but the other window which was minimized into taskbar also becomes active and comes onto desktop.
    This bug is unique to the version 1.14.1042.3 and does not occur to the stable version.

    windows 10 x64

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