Flashing background when typing

  • So in gmail and facebook, whenever I'm typing in a "pop-out" window (where the window is highlighted by the rest of the screen being darkened to not be the focus), my browser does [this horrible flashing thing.] (http://recordit.co/KhFd87debK) (or see the gif in my reply below)

    It doesn't do it in chrome. I tried adjusting my zoom because it reminded me a little of the blurry thing that can happen when the zoom is off, that didn't help.

    All I can find when I search is the "white flash at new tab" thing and this isn't that. Any ideas? I have some motion sensitivity issues and it makes me nauseated which isn't ideal for getting work done!

    (early 2015 macbook air, this has been happening for a fair while but I don't think always happened in Vivaldi)

  • gmail background flashing white while I type


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