Option to open file appears while accessing Vivaldi randomly

  • Posted previously on my forum section: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/23106/opção-de-abrir-arquivo-aparece-enquanto-acesso-o-vivaldi-aleatoriamente

    Recently and out of nowhere while I'm accessing the browser, it has appeared that randomly asking to open an extension file ".mhz," but the strange thing is that it only happens when I'm specifically in Vivaldi, and in other places and applications from my pc this window does not appear. So let's go in parts to try to explain everything I've done to check if this is even in Vivaldi or elsewhere in the pc:

    "Ah Tchelows, but did you scan your pc for viruses or spyware?" = Yes, that was the first thing I thought! I ran a deep scanner with my Nod32 Smart Secutiry and after a while did not accuse anything, nor a suspicion of infiltration on the pc!

    "Have you disabled extensions to see one by one if it's something related to them?" = Yes and even being a bitch doing this I did! And that did not accuse anything either, even because I only use store extensions and nothing from outside it!

    "Ah, so you cleared your history and cookies to see if anything is stored in your browser's cache?" = Do I even did it, but if that was it, the antivirus itself would detect, would not it? But anyway I did and I was sad that I lost my important login data in parts and it keeps showing up, but it was good to clarify that part!

    "Okay, so which version of vivaldi do you use?" = The latest and stable with the updated flash! I'm a maniac for updates, lol. 😃

    "What about the Operating System?" = Windows 10 x64 latest and updated!

    "Have you ever made a report bug for Vivaldi reporting this?" = No, because I wanted to know if it's just me that happens or if it happens to more people!

  • @tchelows Well, if you sent me an .mhz file I'd give the same response "What is that?" 😁

    Perhaps you should check the source to see what the file is that is being sent to you?
    Or it could be another example of bad user-agent sniffing, have you tried changing your user agent?


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