."Post of The Year.2017".

  • ."Post of The Year.2017". submit.

    hello everyone vivaldi reader
    Offer a candidate for choice posts of 2017. can we?
    I have one selected, thank You Catweazle, from the "ART GALLERY" topic
    8 Nov, 2017, 00:29 https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/171223
    Catweazle's "A little project" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkIAOTck78k
    gave to me a smile.

    If there is a post you would select as the best post of the year 2017 would you like to share it here.
    without big quote blocks we may be okay to proceed.

  • wrap. 2017 .Clear to Welcome 2018. The Best Post and favorite moments of 2017.
    A similar question to this topic appeared in this forum. Considering there was a possibility that a commenter could mention a "best post" opinion in that topic' comments those comments are noted here. Although no "best post" opinions could be found there.

    "I’d love to know your favorite Vivaldi moment this year in the comments below." written to us by Jón S von Tetzchner in his 21 December blog "Happy Holidays and Thank You."

    mabelamber says a feature request is fulfilled. Catweazle says Thanks for your sleepless nights.
    xyzzy says "everything!"
    ddferrari says "...your incredible work!... My favorite moment is when you added audio/muting options for active and inactive tabs."
    ra-mon says "Thanks for all, ..."
    escolar says "Thank you for all"
    Greybeard says "Thanks for all"
    D0J0P says "Thanks for all the progress this year + SYNC"
    Special was commonplace in 2017. Everything heartfelt moments; browser.
    I got that from the whole of the community 2017. around the corner was often a comment acute or absurd that made a heartfelt moment. better smiling.
    In particular : for this topic :

    .The Best Post of 2017. The Uncontested Champion Post Number 171223 . Best Post of 2017.
    Thank you Catweazle for Your little project. Congratulations, Champ.
    It is The Best Post of 2017.


    Welcome 2018 .

  • Ambassador

    Thank you very much for your vote and also a happy 2018 for you and naturally for the great Vivaldi Team and their magnificent work.

  • Cheers Catweazle. Thank You.

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