Address bar response time is not fast enough

  • Hi, As someone who uses keyboard effectively I feel that Vivaldi's address bar response time is not fast enough. For example when I write "[b]tw[/b]" and press [b]Enter[/b] while using other browsers they are quick enough to open [b][/b] instead of searching for "[b]tw[/b]". Address recognition speed should be increased. This is not a complaint; I just report to give feedback you to make Vivaldi even better. 😉 All the best.

  • Acknowledge that the problem exist. Sometimes I need to type half of the address to see the whole address from the history.
    However, since it's a technical preview I'm not complaining about it either. 😛

  • Yea Iv noticed it also. Have not said anything because im sure when optimization happens that will make this better. 😉


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