BUG: mousewheel tab switching highlights two tabs

  • This has been driving me absolutely crazy for a couple of versions now. (currently 1.14.1038.3)

    If you use the right-click-mousewheel to swap between tabs, and your mouse is hovering over the pop-up tab thumbnails, the central tab will be highlighted, and so will whatever tab is under your mouse cursor. When you release the button, the one under the cursor is selected, not the central highlighted tab. This is new behaviour that basically breaks the UI if your cursor happens to be anywhere in the middle 20% of the screen. Which is about half the time, for me.

    And please for the love of code, can we get a smaller no-thumbnail list of tabs when switching?

  • Yeah, I guess it is. And I guess that's a dupe of my complaint from two weeks ago too. ^_^


    I gotta wonder, do the developers not use mouse gestures much? The lack of attention to them overall makes me sad.

  • The actual gestures (hold right button and move mouse), I'm pretty sure they do. The chords (two buttons. or things involving scroll wheel) ... I don't know.

    Strangely there's a similar bug in Opera - they use Ctrl-Tab to display a tab list, if the mouse happens to be where the list appears then the wrong tab is selected. Makes me think it may be related to Chromium rather than Opera and Vivaldi's respective code. Maybe they need to work together on this one ...


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