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  • private messages on pc are working quite well but on my phone are quite bugged...if i click on the message icon i am redirected to the messages list but it's empty and i need to reload the page (as you can see from the screen)
    my phone is a jolla with sailfish os, and his browser it's based off firefox (for information)...maybe something could be done?0_1513242018727_Schermata_20171214_001.png

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    The chat has a software problem and does not refresh correctly.
    I will ping our webdeveloper.

  • thanks 🙂

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    Our webdev Ísak checked it and works on a solution yet – i hope a fix will come up this day.

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    @luca247 Does it work now?

  • nope...i still need to reload the page to see the conversations...maybe my browser is too old?

  • Moderator

    Fix is yet tested on betastage of forum chat fix.
    May be here tomorrow.

  • so, i've noticed the forum is changed now for mobile, and i'll give you my impressions :

    now i have message on the right with a swipe and notifications and categories on the left, still with a swipe, and i like it since my phone is completely swipe based

    1 if i click on the message icon, chats briefly appear then disappear, if i click on the menu icon nothing happen, so i can only have menues with swipes (which is fine to me but broken anyway)
    2 private messages are now working but scrolling is completely irresponsive
    3 for exiting private messages i need to click on the user icon in the lower right side or click on the x. with the icon sometimes messages are overlapping with the forum, in the second case messages are not overlapping but in both cases forum is then unresponsive...

    oh and the plus icon for adding a new message often covers what you're writing

    anyway as i said i like the new style a that's definitely the way to go 🙂


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