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  • Updated to new version of Vivaldi today. Now in the address bar, instead of typed url's, it shows whatever site I go to. So it's not typed history, it's more just browser history in the address bar.

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    @mroctober67 Did "Include typed history" get turned off in your Settings/Address bar?

  • @ayespy No, it's turned on. I unchecked "include bookmark" in typed history when typing, but the bookmarks are still in typed history.

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    @mroctober67 Sounds as though something is broken in your profile. What happens if you refresh it?

  • @ayespy Refreshing does not help. I never had a Vivaldi profile until I signed up for the forum yesterday. The previous version of Vivaldi was working fine without a profile. As soon as I updated, the bookmarks started showing up in typed history.

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    @mroctober67 Clearly, you did not read the post I linked. Please click on the words "refresh it" at the end of my comment. I have recently learned that what is clearly a link on my display does not appear as one on some other displays. There is a list of instructions how to refresh your profile. This is your browser profile which has nothing to do with forums or anything, but is an integral part of every single operating copy of the browser in the world.

  • @ayespy I refreshed it. renamed the profile, restarted Vivaldi. then moved the old profile back. Bookmarks still showing in the typing history

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    @mroctober67 said in Typed History:

    Bookmarks still showing in the typing history

    Just curious: Which Vivaldi and Windows version?

    Bookmarks appear in list Typed History? Never.
    I really want to see it.
    Please nake a screenhsot with Win+Print key, edit the fiel in Paint and crop image only to addres field dropdown, and uplaod teh image here.

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    @mroctober67 "Then moved the old profile back." Wrong. Do not do that. It is the old profile that is causing your problems. Do not move it back. Please read the instructions again. Move back only critical data files such as bookmarks, login data, favicons, etc.

  • @ayespy That's what I did, still not working right

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    Did you install 1.14 Snapshot (BETA) over 1.13 Stable before? Thus may result into Vivaldi browser profile problems.

    Please for a check with a fresh profile:
    Close Vivaldi
    Check in Windwos Taskmanager if all Vivaldi processes (may stay there from former crashes) closed, if not ,terminate them.
    Copy %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data
    Paste into Explorer address field
    Rename folder Default
    Start Vivaldi without changing any setting!
    Surf around
    Type some addresses in address bar

    Does the Typed History work now?

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