Google Login New Design

  • I'm a user of Vivaldi and I noticed the old Google Login design is I think the default design being used by Vivaldi which is kinda weird, I have used Firefox and Chrome, they're already using the New design.

    Here's a screenshot of Vivaldi in the Google login page, you can see its the old design.

    Here's a screenshot of Chrome in the Google login page, its showing the new design.

    I have tried deleting all cookies in Vivaldi, every tried it in the console forcing it to change but it won't, any fixes on this small problem? 🙂

  • Moderator

    Perhaps Google behaves bad and uses a browser switch/filter.

    Try to fake Vivaldi as an other browser with User Agent Switcher extension.

  • @drelix01 It uses the new design, it depends on what chromium version you were running, at the time since I'm assuming you were on the stable build it was running a slightly older version of chromium compared to Chrome


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