Thanks for Vivaldi :)

  • I want to thank "Vivaldi" and all that are involved with it for producing one helluva fine browser. I admit I do not use Web Mail, don't even know what 'Sync' is, and do use a separate program for my YouTube mp4 download hobby. That said, Vivaldi does everything I need...beautifully. I have spread the word to my family, and they are migrating to Vivaldi. It is currently the BEST of several browsers I have used........


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    Ah, a happy user.
    Nice to hear yo like the browser. :champagne_glass: :champagne: :champagne_glass:
    Let us party now. :dancer: :man_dancing_tone3: :dancer_tone2: :rotating_light:

  • I like your enthusiasm, nice. Welcome to the party :)

    It is pretty great and it gets better with every release.


  • thank you, Jon von Tetzchner!! :)

    coming from Opera 3.xx --> wow, this was light years ahead of all the others
    then using FF gecko --> learned to like it, but missed Opera Presto
    always had a close look at "new" Opera --> piece of crap, imo
    Vivaldi was born years ago --> looked so promising

    Vivaldi now (just a few weeks ago) got my main browser --> thanks to Jon von Tetzchner, again.

    THANKS a lot!

  • Thanks Jon and the whole team, I used the FF (many fights and rages almost every moment) with Vivaldi I am quieter than drunk when drinking. :p

  • Mr Jon von Tetzchner and his devs got all the credits for that great browser! Cheers :D

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