Basemark 3.0

  • Hi, out of interest I was testing Firefox Quantum, Opera and Vivaldi with Basemark 3.0 today and the difference is quite huge.
    Firefox Quantum and Opera are about 320 but Vivaldi get 120 points, or whatever.
    Vivaldi also miss WebGL 2.0 what I had not noticed before.
    Does anyone have an explanation for that?
    Btw, why Vivaldi use Chromium 62 source, 63 is out for some time.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin said in Basemark 3.0:

    Does anyone have an explanation for that?

    Yeah, Vivaldi adds a bunch of stuff over Chromium, so it tends to bog down things a little over vanilla source, despite the developers best efforts, so it will never be as fast as pure Chrome

    Btw, why Vivaldi use Chromium 62 source, 63 is out for some time.

    Because it hasn't been updated yet. Updating takes time and resources and tends to break stuff. Once sources are available it needs to be patched up and tested, only after that can there be a stable release that includes the latest goodies, so it will always lag behind a few versions

  • @duarte-framos
    OK update lag make sense.
    I know about the third UI layer and some slowdown at start, new window/tab and so forth.
    I only wondered about WebGL performance and over all performance at this bench.
    Opera is 250% faster than Vivaldi.
    But that´s all very theoretical, in real life you don´t notice that.
    More strange is the result of the latest Pc Welt tests, it is in German but results are numbers.

    Thanks for your time, mib

  • Strange, Firefox lost here. Maybe because V was running in the background - but it wasn't doing anything. Mind you, Firefox 57.0.2 versus latest internal snapshot.

  • Strange, I have V doing better than Firefox - though that is V snapshot versus Firefox stable. Particularly the canvas test was much better. But of course results may depend on graphics hardware.


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