Momentum Extension - Location Request Issue

  • Installed Momentum from the Chrome Web Store and it keeps asking me for location but pressing Allow or Deny does nothing causing me to be 'blocked' from doing anything.. I set location to always be allowed on the site but it doesn't do anything.

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    A known bug VB-31904 "With Momentum extension geolocation permissions broken"

  • Still a bug. No fix?

  • @939475580 FWIW, while waiting for the fix, I found that by clicking the little globe in the address bar and setting "Location" to "Always", the preference saved correctly versus when I tried to do it from the checkbox the popup.

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    @939475580 There are literally thousands of bugs. No, this particular one, related to a single extension, is not fixed yet.

  • This also seems to apply to the Leoh New Tab extension (which is admittedly pretty similar to Momentum).
    I guess it'll apply to any extension that uses locations.

    Setting the Location Preference to Always or Never doesn't seem to have any effect.

    FWIW, I've also had a similar issue on some regular websites.
    Logging in to Browserstack popped up the Location permission query, but clicking Allow or Deny didn't work.
    In that case, setting the location site permission seemed to work, although I haven't tested extensively.

  • @c0mplexx here's what worked for me:

    1. click on the little globe on the address bar
    2. go to "site settings" (at the bottom of the dropdown list)
    3. press the "back" arrow near "Momentum" at the top of the page, that will lead you to "content settings"
    4. go to Location
    5. toggle the switch set to "ask before accessing (recommended)" - that set it to "blocked"
      that does disable the weather widget, but at least the annoying notification is gone


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