Vivaldi for Linux ARM architecture

  • Hi I´d like to know if there will be a port for linux arm. (I have an Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian Linux). Thanks Érico

  • For now they are concentrating on traditional desktop platforms - which means Intel-compatible processors. When that is ready, I know they are talking about Android … maybe they'll also do ARM. I know there are a few ARM-based Linux netbooks out there, plus it is supposed to be possible to dual-boot a Chromebook so it seems to me like a natural thing to do - but of course I don't work for Vivaldi and thus have little more pull than you would yourself. I know I suggested it back in the Opera/Presto days, obviously that didn't happen.

  • This would be great. My Rpi 2 is waiting.

  • The Russian company Baikal has intentions to launch ARM-based PCs in 2017 (probably workstations).

  • Vivaldi Team

    Did they ever launch these?

    Asking for a friend! 😛


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