That why I love vivaldi, a small things but getting big loyalty.

  • Today, for some reason, I have to reinstall vivaldi.
    I download the installer and setup over the exist installation.

    I found that vivaldi is smart enough to let user know what they are doing, (setup as a new vivaldi copy or perform updater) on pre-install.

    Detect the software whether exist is not any new technique definitely, but vivaldi does and care about the experience of their user.

    1_1513089000871_PicPick_20171212_221120.png 0_1513089000871_PicPick_20171212_221102.png

    I am heavy firefox user since FF3 at home and heavy Chrome user in workplace.
    But now I replace them to vivaldi, why do I have to install 10+ extension but vivaldi already built-in?

    vivaldi + ublock origin + tempermonkey
    everything done!

  • I'm just hijacking this topic...

    why I love Vivaldi?

    It lets me do

    • the things I want
    • the way I want

    and doesn't force me to accept this or to adapt to that!

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    You can also install Final builds over Snapshots, 32-bit over 64-bit, and vice versa, but it is not recommended to install an older version over a newer one.

    Install multiple Standalone versions in different folders to keep their data separate, e.g. for work and leisure.


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