Very slow to load initially, some sights slow and wont completly load the page

  • Hi I am running the latest Vivaldi version on Windows 10. Until this version I have not had these problems. It has been a very good browser.

    1. Initially very slow to load almost 1 minute. It will show the outline of the browser, then grey, then a white screen with a V in it then finally loads up.
    2. Some pages are very slow to load and not completely

    Any help appreciated

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    @rickk No help possible until you provide some additional information such as:

    Your system and resources

    Any other software (such as security software, things that affect registry or UI of the system, etc.)

    What extensions you run

    What kind of load you are putting the browser under - number of windows and tabs, etc.

    What part of the world you are using the browser in

    What sort of netwok, proxy, etc.

  • Hi I am running Windows 10 on a AMD Athlon II x4 640 3GHz processor with 8 gigs of ram. I am using Vipre anti virus along with Malwarebytes.

    This is occurring on the initial load up of Vivaldi so no tabs are in use .It's set to load a single home page. I am in the US and running normal DSL on a home network. My extensions are simple IE tab, and spell check

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    Perhaps a Windows problem with the graphics card/GPU.


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