Dead Grey Window

  • Using Fedora 27.

    I installed the Vivaldi Snapshot and when I launch it, I get a dead grey window.

    It shows the Vivald logo, says Vivaldi-stable and nothing else. Clicking, right clicking, left clicking and tongue clicking all get me nothing.

    Is there a way to CLEAN UNINSTALL Vivaldi and CLEAN INSTALL it?


  • @hbeck
    Hi, if you want to cleanup delete Vivaldi in /opt/ and in /home/user/.config/
    Most of the times delete Vivaldi in .config is enough, you get a clean profile then.

    Cheers, mib

  • Good to know!

    Amazingly, a restart was able to cure the issue, but if I get any further wonkiness, I'll use those locations for a clean uninstall and re-install.

    I really love ♥ Vivaldi with Sync on Fedora.

  • Moderator

    Looks like some of your session files in Vivaldi profile's subfolder Default/ ("Last Session" "Last Tabs" "Current Tabs" "Current session") were defect.
    Deleting them should help.

    Or a process crashed and was running and blocking. You may inspect with Linux process manager.
    Try to stop running Vivaldi Apps in Background after closing.
    Open://settings/system and disable "Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed"


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