Mister-Bill, here...

  • My name is Bill, and I am a long retired Electronics Technician. I mean I REMEMBER well those beautiful little glowing things called Vacuum Tubes. For me, Computering is a Hobby, that also lets me do a little business. Try new things; test what doesn't work...trouble-shoot. I went to Opera over a decade ago for that reason. Now between my Hobby [and Opera selling to the Chinese] I am a Vivaldi Man.

    Sometimes I'm correct, sometimes I'm not...but I'm old enough to be fearless!!

    As Old Sailors say, 'Fair winds and following seas...' to you all........


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    Welcome here, mister-bill.

    Enjoy browsing with Vivaldi browser, and i hope you will not have much trouble in using it.
    If yome bugs are nagging you, feel free to ask in subforum for your OS.

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    @mister-bill Welcome to the Forum.

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