Moving the NEW Text?

  • I'd like to see the NEW text moved away from the end of the section heading to a spot which is unused. That would make it much easier to spot at a glance. [attachment=857]new_indicator.png[/attachment] The problem is not so bad on the main section page but gets worse on the subsection pages because titles are longer there and have dates etc. near them. This means more effort to scan for the word NEW. Sometimes I end up using FIND to do a fast scan to find the topics with new posts. I realize this is likely controlled by the forum software but if the Vivaldi mods think my suggestions valid perhaps they could look into it? And ideally, I'd like the NEW to be clickable with the page that loads displaying only the topics with new posts. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Additional problem - with a long title the (1 new) can be on the next line and actually overlap the previous line. And on a touchscreen rather difficult to hit.(in the actual topic list, where it is a link to the new posts).

  • I agree: the NEW text is sometimes difficult to spot, especially for topics with long titles where the NEW on a second line nearly collides with the text above it.

    If the NEW isn't easily moved to a more open space (e.g., the lower right corner of the topic title box), maybe the font color could be changed to red or black to make it stand out more. (It stands out more on main Vivaldi forum page as seen in OP, g_bartsch's screenshot, both because it is a larger font (& possibly boldface?), and because it is black in contrast to the blue used for the title. But on the various sub-forums it is a much smaller font and the same blue as the titles.)

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