Time and date format

  • I wanted to start a discussion about the date and time format used in Vivaldi.

    Places time and date is being displayed/used in Vivaldi

    • Most of the panels
    • History page
    • Bookmarks page
    • Sync

    Generally the time and date format is being localised. You choose a language, and whatever time format is common will be applied. This is not consistent however. For example sync won't use a 24 hour clock, but always the american/british am/pm format. This is probably due to sync being new, and it's a matter of time this will get fixed and can therefore be neglected for the time being.

    But what about wanting to use English as UI language, but a 24 hour clock and logical date display (yyyy-mm-dd)? There is currently no way to display time and date in ISO_8601, the international standard, which is kind of a shame. Shouldn't we be able to set this optionally?

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    @luetage Would be nice to force a ISO date and time for display.
    I will suggest it in feature tracker.

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    Setting to force ISO 8601 instead of localized time and date format

  • Ok, thanks, let's see if this gets implemented.

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    Please add a wish in 1.14 Feature thread, i like to upvote it!

  • I hope we can still "display" the localized one (which is dd-mm-yy here) at least for history/bookmarks :P
    If ISO is used "under the hood", and probably it has sense, I haven't nothing against it :)
    I don't like how "forced" sounds. xD

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    @hadden89 said in Time and date format:

    I hope we can still "display" the localized one

    Thats why it should be activated optional by a setting.

  • @hadden89 Well, I said optional in OP :P
    Also dd-mm-yyyy is a sane way to write a date, mm-dd-yyyy however is killing me. Whoever came up with this decades(centuries?) ago was an egocentric maniac, and everyone has to suffer from their confusion. --rant over--

  • @luetage said in Time and date format:

    Places time and date is being displayed/used in Vivaldi

    Most of the panels
    History page
    Bookmarks page

    I'm hoping that you intend EACH setting to be optional and independant.
    E.g. Sync in dd/mm/yyyy but History in yyyy/mm/dd formats etc.

  • No offense intended, but for a country that seems to value doing things their way a bit too much at times, the US sure is fond of old British standards.

    I have heard several explanations for the usage. For example:

    • It is in order of how they often pronounce it (but there are plenty of exceptions, e.g. the 4th of July).
    • It is sorted by magnitude of the ranges (1-12, 1-31, 0-9999).

    None of these make much sense to me, but I did not grow up using them. Bottom line, most countries just don't like changing their ways unless there is a very good reason for it and changing such standards does not come for free. At least the date (mm-dd) and time (AM/PM) thing is easy to wrap your head around... customary units is an entirely different matter.

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