Chrome extensions and apps

  • the ones i have installed worked great . i added vivaldi://chrome/extensions and vivaldi://apps to speed dial for easy reference.

  • I installed google-cast can't get it to work. the extension shows the id of the chrome-cast dongle. Any suggestions


  • jp i wasnt able to get the chromecast ext to work either.

  • these apps work great in vivaldi. spotify and music songs player (the one form

  • If you were to install something like Pocket, would it just be accessing the same data that Chrome is on the same desktop, or would it download everything again? I've got more than 1GB of articles saved through that application, so I was curious how it would behave. I am definitely going to see how Sunrise Calendar and Hangouts works. Thanks for the heads up!

  • moore it should just access it. check it out and let us know

  • So far:

    Sunrise Calendar - Works flawlessly
    Telegram - Works flawlessly
    Pocket - Works, but wants to download the most recent 1000 articles. Not accessing the chrome app already installed
    Google Keep - does not sign in
    Hangouts - does not sign in

    This is not a huge deal to me since elementary OS already lets me keep dock icons and launcher shortcuts for installed chrome apps. More of a curiosity than anything. I will keep testing these out each time a snapshot is released. For now, I will probably just stick with the apps running through regular chrome.

  • Hello
    Anyone get Google cast to work???

  • it says pocket is installed but when I try to save something to pocket, screen goes blank and it just says "Loading…"

    minor annoyance too with AddThis:
    if I'm on say, Drudge Report and I want to send a story, I click AddThis and it wants to email the entire Drudge Report page, not the individual article.
    to do that, I have to open the article in a separate tab, THEN send it.
    with Firefox, it sends right from the main page the story I've hilited.


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