Vivaldi, Roboform and Gmail

  • i know about creating 2 step passcards for gmail. I have rf working for gmail in firefox. works fine.

    I am trying vivaldi. Roboform works fine for all sites I have tried so far, except in gmail. the gmail login screen comes up, and gives an error message about having to enter an email address or phone number. I tried several times to make a new passcard in vivaldi for roboform, but it just won't work. my other gmail passcards (i have several gmail accounts) won't work either.

    Is there something about vivaldi that keeps rf from working at gmail?

  • I wrote roboform, and was informed that the problem has to do with how vivaldi processes logins. I certainly do not have the expertise to go beyond describing what I have found so far, with the help of roboform tech support.

    Roboform says that the problem filling in the email address on the 1st gmail screen (gmail has a two step login) has to do with other browsers using the hidden term "identifier" for the email address field. this appears in the roboform passcard created in other browers (firefox). When I added to the passcard a field called email with the same text as 'indentifier' the passcard worked to fill in and submit the first screen info.

    Next problem came with filling in the 'password ' field on 2nd screen. this is not a field name issue. I don't know that the cause is, but the result is that I have go to roboform and pick the correct gmail passcard a second time to have it fill in the password and submit.

    on chrome and firefox I choose the gmail passcard only once. It finds the page, fills in the email address. I hit 'enter', then the 2nd screen appears and roboform fills in the password automatically. I again hit enter. I don't have to find and click on the passcard a second time to submit the password..

    I hope this description isn't too long or confusing. and that vivaldi can correct whatever makes its gmail logins more difficult than other browsers. I haven't found an issuein vivaldi with logging in to other websites through roboform that have more normal login procedures. Only gmail.

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    @astro46 As long as I use just Vivaldi, and not an extension, sign-ins are dead simple. It takes care of the two step process in GMail all on its own. If you only have a single GMail account, and you have saved username and password, then when you go to the login screen, it offers you your username, you click on it, and press enter. If you have multiple accounts, it offers you all of your account names, and you pick the one you want and press enter. Then the next screen comes up with your password for THAT account pre-filled, and you press enter.

    Could not be simpler. I'm afraid that for Vivaldi, at least, Roboform complicates things.

  • @ayespy : If I understand you correctly, you are using Vivaldi as your password manager. Aside from my reluctance to tie my passwords to a browser (I don't use the password manager function in firefox, or other browsers), would there not be the issue of syncing passwords with my Windows phone (I know, but that is what I am using at the moment), or my Android tablet?

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    @astro46 There will be, until sync comes to Android. As it stands, it's handy for me because I have eight Vivaldi installs synced on three separate desktops and a laptop.

    Syncing passwords with my phone is not an issue for me, because I don't store any passwords on my phone, and don't ever want to.

  • @ayespy : are you syncing the Vivaldi installs manually? ie: syncing the Vivaldi folders between computers?

    Is this two V. installs per computer? each install for different purposes, eg work and personal?

    the problem for me currently syncing passwords to my Windows phone is the crappy Roboform app, which won't sync at, among other problems. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get a current roboform database. Not a huge issue since I rarely use the phone to access password protected sites.

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    @astro46 The snapshot version and the internal test version both have sync. I have at least three versions of Vivaldi on every machine, mostly for testing purposes. I have stable, snapshot and "Sopranos" version, and both snapshot and Sopranos are synced across four machines.

  • @ayespy I'd like to ask you an off topic question.. How do you deal with Vivaldi (or Chrome, or Firefox, since tabmix plus no longer will work) opening links in the same tab. I have used addon tabmix plus to force opening of all links in new tabs. eg: If i have a web search page and look at different results, I don't want to have to back up repeatedly to get back to the results. or a tabbed site of news feeds: before I know it my tabbed site is multiple sites back.
    I know, I can use shift>click to open in new tab. or right click>open in new tab, but I am not used to doing this and opening a tab shouldn't be a two handed or multiple click effort. I have already entered in feature requests the 'option to open all links in new tabs'.

    How do you deal with it?

  • middle click, it's that simple.

  • @ian-coog . quick reply! on a mouse that works. on a laptop with touchpad?

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    @astro46 Generally speaking, I don't want new tabs to open in the background. I never did.
    Other browsers have always driven me crazy that way, because I want my new tab in the foreground. Therefore, I don't deal with it. In the rare case where I do want one to open in the background, I use middle-click. For my laptop, ctrl+click.

  • @ayespy Thanks. I had tabmix plus set to open all links in new tab, and to switch to that tab. I guess I wouldn't want new tabs to open in background either. If I click on a link its because I want to see the page.

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    @astro46 You CAN open every link in a new foreground tab, by using the mouse gesture "down" over a link. Enable mouse gestures (if not already enabled). Place your mouse over the link, and press the right mouse button while dragging down. Not sure how to emulate that on a touch-pad.

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    @astro46 Actually, I was able to emulate it on my laptop. I thumbed the right button under my touchpad, and swiped down with my finger (same hand) on the pad, and the link opened in a new tab.

  • @ayespy yes, that does work. now I need to train myself to use it. thanks

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