Option to show History items first, before "Search ..." in address bar

  • Is there a way to change the order of grouping in the address bar? I don't really like the way you are first offered search results instead of history, as I prefer a workflow like this:

    1. Type a part of the url -- say, you have visited https://www.vivaldi.net, and I would type "viva" in the address bar
    2. Press arrow down
    3. Press Enter
    4. The browser would open the history item

    But because the "Search ..." appears as the first item, the above would always take me to the search engine. I would prefer it to show the Search grouping after history.

    Instead of the left, it would be the right side. In this example, it already offers "youtube.com", but for many other websites it does not offer anything in the address bar (not sure why - maybe it only works for domains, but not subpages?).

    For example in this example, it does not offer the History address like it does for Youtube history address above:

  • @torniojaws I think there is no way to change the order. You could however disable search suggestions instead. Or use the History panel to search your history alternatively.


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