Login is a pita

  • whenever I try to login, it tells me something went wrong. the only way to get logged in is to get on forum page, login, then go back. after a few tries I find, even though it tell me login failed, that I am logged in.

  • Click on "login" and on the page that appears enter your username and password and click "login". THEN DO NOTHING. This is very important, if you try to navigate, or do something else with this tab, your login will fail. It needs some time to log you in. At some point it will log you in and go back to a regular forum site, you just have to be patient.

  • @luetage . ok. what you say may be true. However, I get an immediate response telling me that the login failed. Not a message asking me to wait till login completes. Quite unlike other sites that have login. I only go to another tab, or navigate after I see the error message, which comes immediately.

  • @astro46 You only get the immediate message, if you have interrupted the login process previously. To circumvent this go to the forum and click on logout, then reload the site, and then click on login to try again. If this doesn't help, you have another issue altogether.

  • @luetage : I logged out, closed the vivaldi tab, closed vivaldi browser, opened vivaldi, and logged in using the roboform passcard (opens the site and fills in the un/pw > "Something went wrong during the authentication process. Please try signing in again.".

    to get around this, i open the forum, then open another tab, try log in at this tab using roboform, get the error message. go back to the forum tab where it gives me a message about page mismatch, reloads the page and shows me as logged in.

    something is wrong


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