Question about syncing 2 vivaldi installs.

  • I run vivaldi-snapshot on both my 17.04 Ubuntu and 17.10 Ubuntu installs.
    Currently I have vivaldi on 17.04 synced.

    vivaldi-snapshot on 17.10 is a new install with mostly default settings
    What will happen if I now sync vivaldi on 17.10 to the same sync account.
    I want my 17.04 customization in 17.10 but not sure this will happen.

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    @cantankrus said in Question about syncing 2 vivaldi installs.:

    What will happen if I now sync vivaldi on 17.10 to the same sync account.

    The 17.10 will get all the data synced on 17.04

  • Ok. Thanks.
    Can you explain what the basic sync rules are in that sort of situation.

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    Please, read this post

  • @cantankrus
    Hi, some information was on Blog entry introducing sync.

    Most important for me is all data are merged during sync, nothing gets lost.
    I work with Laptop and workstation and my speed dials got mixed up because of different display resolutions.
    Other sync was working fine for me.

    Cheers, mib

  • Thanks for the links.
    Backed up ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot then deleted all default bookmarks on 17.10.
    Synced bookmarks, passwords and settings on both installs.
    Seemed to go ok except Settings which I believe isn't complete yet.

    I can see how bookmarks, passwords and notes would be merged, just wasn't sure how the syncing of Settings would work.

    Just a test... all I'm interested in syncing is bookmarks, Settings and Notes .
    I deleted my sync data after the test because I don't want my passwords online with anyone.
    Then resynced just bookmarks and notes at this stage.

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    Sync is not complete yet.

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