• Hey,i downloaded some extensions like uBlock,LastPass,Blur etc. The Problem is i cant find the extensions to change the settings etc or login into LastPass. Search all over the Browser but it seems i just cant find them. Anyone know how i can find the extensions? Thanks for any help. :) By the Way. Just tested the Browser yesterday. Its just a technical preview,but it looks realy nice and is quit nice to navigate true all the futures. Hope all goes well with Vivaldi.

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    Until it is integrated in Vivaldi button menu you can use the URL vivaldi:extensions

  • Thank you,much appricated! :) Thread can be closed. :) I like vivaldi,much costumizable like the old Opera. Seems like its going to be my new main Brwoser.

    Have a nice Day. :)

  • vivaldi://chrome/extensions

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