How to organize bookmark folders

  • Either this is poorly implemented or I do not know how to do it. How do you change the nesting levels of bookmark folders? I can not find any way of doing this. Whenever a new folder is created there is always a present folder that is already highlighted which the new folder becomes nested under. There should be some + and - controls to change nesting folder position. Are there keyboard shortcuts for this?

    Also - the spam filter on this site prevented me from posting with a VPN.

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    Use the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks Tab to organise bookmarks.

    To deselect a selected folder or bookmark, Ctrl+Click on it. Then the new folder will be created in the root.

    0_1512749776863_New Folder.png

    Folders can be dragged and dropped to reorganise.

  • @pesala Thank you. I still think they could have more intuitive nesting controls. It is necessary to search for key controls. For a browser that is trying to emphasize the most essential user features, I still say their bookmark controls are poorly implemented.


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