Search Bar & Mouse Interactivity Screwy

  • There's something screwy with the web address field and dedicated search bar. I'm finding that unlike other browsers, when the user goes to amend a search query or web address to e.g. insert or edit a word in a previously written search term, the entire previously entered text remains highlighted and the cursor will not appear. It seems to be random, sometimes there is a delay, sometimes there isn't. But 99% of the time it decides to say "screw you, i'm not letting you input a cursor anywhere in this text field until i've randomly decided to. In some cases, no matter how many times a user spams the mouse click in the search field or URL bar, the entire text string remains highlighted and nothing happens. Indefinitely. Its driving me nuts.

    To put it simply, the URL and search fields in Vivaldi do not behave like the text field i'm typing in to post this right now. This makes no sense.

    I've replicated this behaviour on all 3 of my machines running different hardware configs. So its definitely something endemic to Vivaldi.


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