Update always changes homepage settings

  • I love Vivaldi, but every time you update, I have to change my home page back to speed dial, which is where I want it. I shouldn't have to do this every time.
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    Also, when I tried to comment on your blog post, I got a time out error, even though I had just logged in.

    Ray ID: 3c9b1bacce5e389a
    Your IP address:
    Error reference number: 522
    Cloudflare Location: Atlanta

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    With Vivaldi 1.12 i had the Settings → Start the Startpage to Speed Dial. The House button in addres bar or Alt+Pos1(Home) gives the Speed Dial for me. OK.
    After Update to 1.13 these settings stay.

    Or do i misunderstand you? May be the technical wording is different for me and you.
    Where do you set your home page?


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