What is Vivaldi doing about Google censorship?

  • With Youtubers being censored more and more by Google to the point either having their "bonuses" done away with for no good reasons or their videos discarded or blocked if "under age" (even if no porn content or violence in graphics are involved)... is Vivaldi doing anything to compensate honest youtubers (users and producers) for these injustices?

    Suffice it to view latest www.corbettreport.com videos on this matter to get a hint of what's going on.

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    @danielson said in What is Vivaldi doing about Google censorship?:

    is Vivaldi doing anything to compensate honest youtubers (users and producers) for these injustices

    Vivaldi can not do anything for you.
    For financial compensation you have to sue Google and contact Google lawyers.

  • I liked this post from Brave browser:
    It is imo, a positive thing to do akin to those who are adopting more and more the Patreon way.

    Who can go to court against Googlecracy?

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  • Don't personally use bitcoins yet (value at 15k today!) but will look into BC Miner for intellectual satisfaction.

    I find it so disgusting and disgraceful to hear about how many good Youtube pages are being "blindly" censored by the Googlecarc machine. One was still in their disgrace even if it was just a video with a cat in it!

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    It is really a problem how Google forces youtubers to remove harmless videos or cancel payments for youtubers.
    Yes, buts that is always the problem if users support non-free/commercial social media. Monopolists can force users.

    But that is not censorship, i call it: Google company rulez.
    Google owns Youtube and can do all what is allowed by their "terms of use" which all Youtubers had accepted.
    But how many users really dislike Google's behaviors? Not many, they do not leave YT or they can not!? I do not know.
    Such companies are like gremlins: do not feed them and not let them get great – they may eat you.

  • Well, i've been on Youtube since the beginning and never, until after this year's stories about "fake news" hit the MSM have i encountered before, Youtube posters complaints about such issues.

    Anyway, more than ever, have been using Startpage, Duckduckgo or Ecosia as a form of boycott.

    Have also become a member of Bitchute as an alternative to Youtube.

    p.s. perhaps Vivaldi should consider having its own Patreon page. A more secure financial wallet will surely give it more leverage in molding the web in a more positive way.

  • @danielson said in What is Vivaldi doing about Google censorship?:

    Who can go to court against Googlecracy?

    Prager U. is going to court again Youtube/Google, for baseless restriction and demonitization of its videos. They assert that youtube has become a critical societal entity, and therefore should be regulated as are utilities.

    While that may seem an ironic position for a conservative group to take, I think there's merit to it. (Conservatives aren't for no government, after all, but for the least effective government.) The tech giants have taken advantage of tax structures, grants and the like, and have had pretty much a free ride. Now we see them flexing their political muscle with bias. It seems time the marketplace had some regulation, otherwise growth turns into a cancer. We can't survive as a society in any recognizable form with so few people exercising heavy-handed control over our communication.


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