Spatial navigation should not start from the top of the page

  • Spatial navigation implementation is rather unusable: SHIFT ARROW: - should NOT start highlighting links from the top of the page, rather [b]from the top of the [u]view[/u] of the page[/b] that the user is viewing at that specific moment - should not start from the last link it stopped onto, once you scroll the page up or down, rather it should start from the topmost (or lowermost) link [b][u]of the view[/u][/b] of page that the user is viewing This would stop that annoying scrolling from the top (while you are maybe reading the bottom of the page and wished to open a link, there) and that annoying other scrolling from the last link it stopped onto. newscpq

  • I second that

  • I agree with you in the first point. I would like to start in the top of the visible part of a web page.

    But very often I use spatial navigation for example to read the new postings in forums like this. I go to the open tab, reload and start spatial navigation to the first link with unread messages. I open it with CTRL-ENTER in a new tab. After reading this thread I close the tab (CTRL-W) and go down to the next link. At the end of the visible part I scroll a little down and want to jump to the next unread thread, not again to the top of the visible window, even if I do not scroll first.

    I don't know if this is the same you think.

  • Fully agreed. I already filed a couple of bug reports on spatnav; it's a nice proof of concept but not nearly ready in the current preview.
    Old Opera wasn't perfect either, but it did the job reasonably well. Surpassing that should be the goal.

  • Moderator

    Yes, the problem with the start of Spatial Nav is known by Vivaldi Devs. Fix is just in the queue, i really know it. Please wait 😉


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